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This place should include any interesting facts from the books by Terry Pratchett which do not fit into the categories [[List of Pratchett characters|Characters]] and [[List of Discworld locations|Locations]].
The [[Discworld (world)|Discworld]], or at least [[Ankh-Morpork]], the city which considers their opinion the most important, has recently left behind the ''[[Discworld calendar|Century of the Fruitbat]]'' (see ''[[Book:The Truth|The Truth]]''), and moved into the ''[[Discworld calendar|Century of the Anchovy]]'' (see ''[[Book:Going Postal|Going Postal]]'').
==Flora, Fauna, and Peoples==
See also [[:Category:Discworld Flora & Fauna]] for a more complete list.
* [[Ambiguous Puzuma]]
* [[.303 Bookworm]]
* [[Counting pines]]
* [[Critters]]
* [[Curious squid]]
* Dragons
** [[Moon dragon]]  (''Draco lunaris'')
** [[Noble dragon]] (''Draco nobilis'')
** [[Swamp dragon]] (''Draco vulgaris'')
* [[Drop bear]]
* [[Hermit Elephant]]
* [[Ice Eagle]]
* [[Jenny Greenteeth]]
* [[Lappet-faced Worrier]]
* [[Malus equilibria]]
* [[Phoenix]]
* [[Pointless albatross]]
* [[Quantum weather butterflies]]
* [[Rats]]
* [[Republican Bees]]
* [[Rogers the Bulls]]
* [[Salamander]]
* [[Sapient pearwood]]
* [[Shadowing Lemma]]
* Surreptitious Albatross
* [[Tharga]]
* [[Überwaldean land eels]]
* [[Uncommon sock eater]]
* [[Unicorn]]
* [[Wahoonie]]
* [[:Category:Discworld humanoid species|Humanoid species]]
** [[Banshees]]
** [[Bogeymen]]
** [[Dwarfs]]
** [[Elves]]
** [[Furies]]
** [[Gargoyles]]
** [[Birthday, Frog-like humanoid thing with a]]
** [[Gnolls]]
** [[Gnomes]]
** [[Goblins]]
** [[Golems]]
** [[Humans]]
** [[Imps]]
** [[Nac Mac Feegle]]
** [[Nobby|"Nobby" Nobbs]]
** [[Orcs]]
** [[Pictsies]]
** [[Trolls]]
** [[Vampires]]
** [[Werewolves]]
** [[Yeti]]
** [[Zombies]]
==Food and Drink==
See also [[:Category:Food and drink]] for a more complete list.
** [[Antipasta]]
** [[Banged Grains]]
** [[Blowfish]]
** [[Burnt Brown Crunchy Bits]]
** [[Cabbage]]
** [[Chicken Vol-Au-Vent]]
** [[Chocolate]]
** [[Curry]]
** [[Distressed Pudding]]
** [[Dwarf Bread]]
** [[Figgins]]
** [[Knuckle Sandwich]]
** [[Rats|Rat]]
** [[Wow-Wow Sauce]]
* Drink
** [[Amanita Liquor]]
** [[Bentinck's Very Old Peculiar Brandy]]
** [[Brose]]
** [[Ghlen Livid]]
** [[Jimkin Bearhugger's Whiskey]]
** [[Klatchian Coffee]] (which causes the drinker to be [[Knurd]])
** [[Old Overcoat]]
** [[Orakh]]
** [[Peach Corniche]]
** [[Screaming Orgasm]]
** [[Scumble]]
** [[Sea Grape Wine]]
** [[Soggy Mountain Dew]]
** [[Special Sheep Liniment]]
** [[Spring Cordial]]
** [[Stardrip]]
** [['Three Wizards' Chardonnay]]
** [[Turbot's Really Odd (real ale)]]
** [[Winkles Old Peculiar]]
* [[Wizard's magic]]
** [[Fresnel's Wonderful Concentrator]]
** [[Maligree's Wonderful Garden]]
** [[Numerology]]
** The [[Octavo]]
** [[Rite of AshkEnte]]
** [[Sourcerer|Sourcery]]
** [[Thaum]]
* [[Witches magic|Witches' magic]]
** [[Borrowing]]
** [[Fairy-Godmothering]]
** [[Headology]]
** [[Shamble]]
* Natural laws, sort of
** [[Anthropomorphic personification]]
** [[Genetics]]
** [[Morphogenic field]]
** [[Narrativium]]
** [[Nature of eyes]]
** [[Numerology]]
** [[Octarine]], the colour of magic
See also [[:Category:Discworld concepts]] for a much bigger list of concepts from the Discworld.
* [[Rule One]]
* [[The Code]]
* A [[Million-to-one chance]]
* [[The Desert]]
* Dwarfish [[Mine sign]]
* [[Klatchian Mist]]
* [[Boffo (Concept)]]
* [[Crab Bucket]]
== Languages ==
*[[Brindisi]]an (mentioned in Maskerade)
*Black Oroogu (mentioned in The Colour of Magic)
*Cimeran (mentioned in The Colour of Magic)
*High Borogravian - national language of [[Borogravia]] (mentioned in The Colour of Magic)
*[[Old Morporkian]]
*Sumtri (mentioned in The Colour of Magic)
*Trob (mentioned in The Colour of Magic)
*Vanglemesht (mentioned in The Colour of Magic)
* [[Mage Wars]]
*The [[Dark War]]
* [[Battle of Koom Valley]]
* [[Ankh-Morpork Civil War]]
* The [[People's Republic of Treacle Mine Road]]
* [[Glorious Revolution]] of [[Treacle Mine Road]]
==Organisations and groups==
* [[Ankh-Morpork City Watch]]
* [[Ankh-Morpork League of Temperance]]
* The [[Campaign for Equal Heights]]
* The [[DeBris Gang]]
* [[Fresh Start Club]]
* The [[Ankh-Morpork Folk Dance and Song Society]]
* The [[Golem Trust]]
* The [[Guilds of Ankh-Morpork]]
** [[Guild of Accountants]]
** [[Alchemists' Guild]]
** [[Artificers' Guild]]
** [[Assassins' Guild]]
** [[Bandits' Guild]]
** [[Beggars' Guild]]
** [[Clockmakers' Guild]]
** [[Guild of Conjurors]]
** [[Guild of C.M.O.T. Dibblers]]
** [[Fools' Guild]]
** [[Engravers' Guild]]
** [[Firefighters' Guild]]
** [[Gamblers' Guild]]
** [[Handlemen's Guild]]
** [[Guild of Historians]]
** [[Guild of Lawyers]]
** [[Guild of Merchants]]
** [[Musicians' Guild]]
** [[Ratcatchers' Guild]]
** [[Seamstresses' Guild]]
** [[Teachers' Guild]]
** [[Thieves' Guild]]
** [[Watchmen's Guild]]
* The [[History Monks]]
* The [[Lancre Morris Men]]
* The [[Peeled Nuts]]
* [[Silicon Anti-Defamation League]]
* The [[Silver Horde]]
* [[The Smoking Gnu]]
* [[Travelling Accountants]]
* [[Travelling_Librarians|Travelling Librarians]]
* [[Travelling_Teachers|Travelling Teachers]]
* [[Überwald League of Temperance]]
==Notable Businesses/Businessmen==
See also [[:Category:Ankh-Morpork Businesses]] for a more complete list.
* The [[Ankh-Morpork Times]]
* [[Burleigh & Stronginthearm]]
* [[Century of the Fruitbat]]
* [[CMOT Dibbler]]
* [[Gimlet's Hole Food Delicatessen]]
* [[Mrs. Goodbody]]
* [[Grand Trunk]]
* [[Harga's House of Ribs]]
* [[Higgs & Meakins]], chocolatiers
* [[Le Foie Heureux]]
* [[Mundane Meals]]
* The [[Opera House]]
* [[Pointer & Pickles]]
* The Royal Mail/the [[Post Office]] (see also [[Stamps]])
* [[Harry King]]
* [[Soon Shine Sun]] Shonky Shop
* [[Three Jolly Luck]] Takeaway Fish Bar
See also [[:Category:Devices]] for a more complete list.
* [[Archchancellor's Hat]]
* [[Axle]]
* The [[Bad Penny]]
* [[Barbarian Invaders]]
* [[Barking Dog]]
* [[Bonsai Mountains]]
* [[Broomstick]]
* The [[Cabinet of Curiosity]]
* [[Clacks]]
* [[Crop rotator]]
* The [[cubes]]
* [[Death's Scythe]]
* The [[Dis-organiser]] Mark One to Mark Five "Gooseberry"
* The [[Engine for the Neutralizing of Information by the Generation of Miasmic Alphabets]]
* The [[Glass Clock]]
* The [[Glooper]]
* [[Great Bronze Spoon of Cladh, The]]
* The [[Going-Under-The-Water-Safely Device]]
* The [[Gonne]]
* [[Hex]]
* [[Iconograph]]
* The [[Kite]]
* [[Klatchian fire engine]]
* [[Kring]]
* [[Lancrastian Army Knife]]
* [[Life-timer]]
* [[Light Dams]]
* The [[Luggage]]
* [[Magic Carpet]]
* [[Mandala]]
* [[Numknuts]]
* [[Old Tom]]
* [[Omniscope]]
* [[Piecemaker]]
* The [[Potent Voyager]]
* The [[Prid of Ankh-Morpork]]
* [[Prince Haram's Tiller]]
* [[Procrastinator]]
* [[Protective]]
* [[Pyramid]]
* [[Quizzing Device]]
* [[Razor blade]]
* [[Seven League Boots]]
* [[Shamble]]
* [[Smoking Mirror of Grism]]
* [[Staff]]
* [[Stamps]]
* [[Technomantic Devices]]
* [[Thaumometer]]
* [[Tsortean Horse]]
* [[Crap (game)]]
* [[Cripple Mister Onion]]
* [[Dead Rat Conkers]]
* [[Exclusive Possession]]
* [[Extreme Sneezing]]
* [[Hnaflbaflsniflwhifltafl]]
* [[Jikan no Muda]]
* [[Poosticks]]
* [[Shibo Yangcong-san]]
* [[Thud]]
* [[Foot-the-ball]]
See also [[:Category:Discworld publications]] for a more complete list.
*''[[100 Walks in the Ramtops]]', by [[Eric Wheelbrace]]
*The ''[[Almanack de Gothic]]''
* The''[[Bonfire of the Witches]]''
* ''Cooking With Brains'', by Chef [[Aimsbury]]''(Chef dé Canine Cuisine, [[Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork]])''
*[[Demonylogie Malyfycorum of Henchanse thee Unsatyfactory]]
*''[[Diseases of the Dragon]]''
* ''The Show Judges' Guide to Dragons'', by [[Lady Sybil Ramkin]]. ''Cavern Club Press, Ankh-Morpork. AM $20.''
*''[[Diseases of the Sheep]]''
* [[Grim Fairy Tales]]
* [[The Goode Childe's Booke of Faerie Tales]]
*''[[I spy....Demons]]'', by Professor Cuvee of [[Unseen University]]''.
*''[[Inne Juste 7 Dayes I wille make you a Barbearian Hero!]]'', by [[Cohen the Barbarian]]
*''[[The Joye of Snacks]]'', by [[Nanny Ogg|"A Lancre Witch"]]
* [[Koom Valley Codex]]
*''[[Carrot Ironfoundersson|The Laws and Ordinances of the Cities of Ankh and Morpork]]''
*''[[Liber Immanis Monstrorum]]', by Professor Cuvee of [[Unseen University]].
* [[Mr Bunnsy Has An Adventure]]
*The ''[[Octavo]]''
*''[[The Summoning of Dragons]]'', by [[Tubal de Malachite]] ''(specifically about [[Noble dragons]])''
*''[[Res Centum et Una Quas Magus Facere Potest]]''
*''[[True Art of Levitatione]]''
*''[[Twurp's Peerage]]''
*''[[Walking in the Koom Valley]]'', by Eric Wheelbrace
*''[[What I Did On My Holidays]]'', by [[Twoflower]]
*''[[Book:Where's My Cow?|Where's My Cow?]]''
*''[[Why Men Get Under Your Feet]] by [[Releventia Flout]]
*[[Battle Call]]
*[[Beaks & Talons]]
*[[Bows & Ammo]]
*[[Popular Armour]]
*[[Unadorned Facts]]
*[[What Gallows]]?
*[[Total Pins]]
*The [[Ankh-Morpork Times]]
*[[Pseudopolis Herald]]
*Sto Plains Dealer
*[[Tanty Bugle]] ''(weekly, crime reportage from throughout The [[Sto Plains]])''

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This place should include any interesting facts from the books by Terry Pratchett which do not fit into the categories Characters and Locations.

The Discworld, or at least Ankh-Morpork, the city which considers their opinion the most important, has recently left behind the Century of the Fruitbat (see The Truth), and moved into the Century of the Anchovy (see Going Postal).

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Flora, Fauna, and Peoples

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Food and Drink

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Organisations and groups

Notable Businesses/Businessmen

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